Yes, I use Quicken to do manage my personal finance and help me with my taxes. Yes, I

Free QFX to QIF Converter

I recently completed a purchase using online escrow service for a domain name, Although not my first

Lessons Learned: NEVER pay for a domain name purchase with a credit card with!

Take a look at's logo:Pretty simple, and elegant. Notice the arrow?Truth be told I didn't even realize

Subliminal Message In’s Logo

Unless you want to drag out your product development, always start out with requirement development and invest plenty

Lessons Learned 20150503: Requirements Requirements Requirements!

ARRAYER.ORG Expires 04/18/2016 and I’m not renewing it. I registered because the person owning wants what

Free domain name 04/16/2016

In Visual Studio, sets your dataset xsd (dataset XML schema) file’s Custom Tool property to “MSDataSetGenerator” and it

How to generate dataset.designer.vb file from dataset.xsd file

At work I needed to cook up some VBScript to manipulate text files, and copying to another file/folder.

How to verify VBScript – Intro to CScript

Question: I added a new table in my MS SQL database, and set up relationships between the new table

[SOLVED] Relation lines not showing up in dataset designer when adding new tableadapter

Background Info Here is a rather strange behavior I saw when I deployed a .NET application onto a

[SOLVED] Winforms .NET Application Slow to Load When There is no Internet Connection