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Yes, I use Quicken to do manage my personal finance and help me with my taxes. Yes, I am still on Quicken 2005 (Why upgrade if it still works?). Yes, I ran into a little of trouble this year when I wanted to import a QFX file I downloaded from my credit card website. Yes, I ran into more trouble when I looked for a free QFX to QIF converter, so I decided to whip up my own software. I made the source code available if anyone is interested. For the rest of you, you may download the software here (Runs in Windows 10):

Free QFX to QIF Converter

The source code is available on Github:

Once installed, it should be pretty straightforward to use.

Simple Browse to the QFX file, and click on Convert to QIF:

You’ll then be able to Save QIF File.

Questions, Comments, Compliments welcome… Enjoy!

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