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While searching for WordPress’ Search method on Google, I came across this useful Multisite Search Plugin by Grial. It’s a simple plugin that utilizes database views for it’s search routine.

Basically, it enables you to search your site and your network using WordPress’ native search methods. The Plugin’s features include:

  • Search on posts and pages.
  • Clean database when the plugin is deactivated.
  • Put search form into your code.
  • Insert search form in templates using a shortcode:
  • Use type attribute to select vertical form or horizontal form. Default attribute value: vertical.
  • Use page attribute to change results page URI. Default attribute value: globalsearch.
  • Show excerpted results
  • Multisite Global Search Widget. Show a search form in your sidebar.
  • Customizable relative URI for results page.
  • Two different form types, vertical and horizontal.
  • Search across all network blogs or only in your blogs if you are logged.

A very useful Plugin indeed. If you need a Plugin that let’s you search your network, I suggest that you get this.

A very interesting note to remember, while this uses Database Views as it’s method for querying, some hosting accounts might not be able to install this plugin. Your database user should have the CREATE VIEW privilege to be able to activate this wonderful plugin. You can execute this SQL statement logged in as root to be able to achieve this. Surprisingly, Cpanel’s All Privileges isn’t enough.

GRANT CREATE VIEW ON {databasename}.* TO {databaseuser}@{host}
change databasename, databaseuser and host accordingly

Visit the Plugin’s Homepage for more information, or download directly from

Have a great day everyone.

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