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There have been little information about HOW to display posts from your Multi-site WordPress Blog. Well look no further, this plugin is a simple solution to our predicament.

Basically, what we wanted is to display posts from the blogs on our Network, a Multi-site enabled WordPress installation. So we approached it in a very basic manner and referenced every post saved on all blogs and have a hook listen to them. This hook then records the blog ID and the post ID of the published post inserted or updated from their respected blogs. We then put it on a table that enables our Widget to fetch posts from those blogs. You can control this procedure through the widgets panel provided.

Posts on blogs can also be hidden from the reference if they are explicitly specified. There is a meta box above the publish box that can do this.


  • Fetch Posts from Blogs on your Network
  • Control how Posts are shown on the widget
  • Hide your post from fetching through a Post Meta data
  • Publish your Post to Index Blog
  • ReIndexes every post before Plugin Activation

*Updated: December 1, 2010 “Publish to Index Blog” feature added

The Latest version of the plugin can be downloaded here

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